Camera Straps and the G9

It might seem odd to be looking at something as basic as a strap, however it can make a world of difference to your photography

The default strap that comes with the G9 is not so much of a problem, however it can be a little short which in turn makes shooting of extreme angles a little awkward as the strap limits how far away you can hold the camera and still keep it around your neck.

Hanging the G9 around your neck can be problematic, your coat can cause damage to the rear LCD screen in the way of zips and buttons scratching it. You also look like a tourist saying ‘Mug Me’

Don Ellis: Has designed his own wrist strap set up and he obviously thinks very much like myself, as Don Says “I like to have a firm grip on the camera before it goes into use while grasping and securing the strap/karabiner the camera is still safe in its bag.” It is also fairly cheap to buy (well make as Don has) and I like his comments that you can clip it to a neck strap (or climbers sling worn bandolier style) or use it as a mace (with the weight of the G9 that’s gonn’a hurt!) although that should be used as a last resort as you don’t want to damage the camera on a ‘Chav’ unnecessarily  The only addition I would make is a bead or cord lock, to act as a pinch/stop when your hand is through the loop to bring in the slack and lock it to your wrist.

Other considerations are if you use a tripod a lot, then a quick release may be in order either in the form of a wrist strap or neck strap, especially if you are using a mini tripod as it is easy to trip over the neck strap (done it!) a wrist strap on the other hand is normally short enough to stay out of the way.

The wrist strap you get with most point and shoots are pathetic in use, but thanks to the tradition of the rangefinder cameras and ‘street photography’ there are some very decent wrist straps still available, the trick is to either slip your hand into the wrist loop (or add a karabiner like Don Ellis has) to slip in a good finger grip before pulling it out of a pocket or camera bag.

The wrist strap means that you can compose pictures at full arm stretch using the LCD screen on the back to make use of strange vantage points. The wrist strap also means the camera and hand can sit in a coat pocket and appear when ready for the shot.

Wrist Straps

Gordy’s straps (left) are a thing of beauty and are well worth the money if this is what you are after and can have a wrist pad added to the strap for heavy cameras (right) this is obviously luxury wrist strap, but they are not over priced I personally would just add on a mini karabiner. They are available with cord attachments, ring attachments and tripod screw fitting (mounts bellow the camera) and all colour combinations of leather and thread. Very neat, very elegant and very rugged!

There are also good offerings from Optech, Prostrap and Coolanyard to add to your confusion and choice

For the G9 user who is always needing to connect to the computer there is a wrist strap from X-treem Geek that is a USB cable so you will never find you have forgotten it or lost it it hides a type ‘A’ and ‘B’ as well as a mini type ‘B’ (5 pin) in a hidden compartment, ideal for the journalist type or active blogger

Safety: there are obviously occasions where you need to re think how you secure the camera, if you are working high up (or low down) and need to wear a safety harness then the camera needs securing to you, so if you fall the camera does not go crashing down on to one of your workmates or passing public. Further, it must not be in a position to get snagged in machines or pose a risk to your safety.

There is also the opposite in the way of security when you want the strap to break under a lot of tension, people often get hurt in bag snatches because their bag/camera is firmly attached to there body and when it gets snatched, they get pulled over, the mugger also thinks the person is resisting so tries a more violent approach to make them let go; so some sort of break away in the link can be considered a good thing or you might want to take the stance and go for a more positive resistance like Camera Armor’s neck and wrist strap that has wire running through so it can’t be cut ( the demise of the travel photographer) I am hoping that Camera Armor are going to do a  protective skin for the G9


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