I get "published"! (Sorta)

Ricky Montalvo from Blog001 has an interesting tale on how his picture taken on a Canon G9 gets published in the Montreal’s ‘The Observer’


It appears that a Montreal newspaper “The Observers” ran with an image I took with my new Canon G9 which they found on a Flickr group.  The photo was part of a group within Flickr, where users can submit pictures depicting their “feelings” on Flickr (which is a part of Yahoo!) merging with Microsoft.  So, I decided to submit the image you see above.  I got an email via Flickr mail from the people at the Observer asking for permission, which I gave and they followed the Creative Commons attributes I set. 

I took this picture because a majority of people were posting images that were photoshop’d.  I wanted to post something that wasn’t.  One is a paintbrush, representing the creativity of Flickr and it’s many users.  The other, is a large hammer wielding figure, so big in fact that it doesn’t really know any better when it decides to use its hammer on Flickr.  That is the message I wanted to convey. 

To be honest, I don’t have any negative feelings on the merger.   I also don’t have positive feelings.  I guess you can say I am fairly sedated about it.  I love Flickr and wouldn’t want anything but good things to happen. For people like me and my brother (who is a REALLY good photographer), this is why we use Flickr.  To get noticed and to share.  This is a great example of showcasing your work (even it it’s with toy figures) and hoping someone will notice, like an online news journal.

Blog001: The Observers – I get “published”! (Sorta)

Well done Ricky


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