Art Nude with the G9?

Last week, I mentioned in my post on the G9’s Sweet Spot that I would try the G9 during an Art Nude shoot. Well I nearly ended up forgetting to do that!

The studio time was a bit rushed, as it was one of those days that seemed to conspire against me and it was not how I like it to be when I need to be creative. After the shoot, things did not get better either!

The model Lucie was on time and early and was the only ray of hope I thought I was going to get on the day, models are notoriously known for being late!

The session was just a lighting test for a more complicated shoot, Lucie used to do a lot of ballet and I had wanted to do a shoot on this theme for a while and the purpose was to show the dedication, muscle tone and demanding fitness that a dancer has to have. The background was just a plain gray backdrop but I didn’t quite know how I was going to light it, but knew what I wanted, and as this was a test shoot I was using my Nikon D2x, with the final images to be shot on a Large Format 5×4 (has a negative size 5inch x 4inch, sheet of film and is loaded one sheet at a time, like the Victorian days, where the photographer would hide under a black cloth to see the image) film camera.

Surprisingly the lighting was easier than I though to sort out and Lucie was able to keep jumping in the same spot tirelessly for nearly an hour and hardly out of breath, all I needed to do was press the shutter at the right moment to catch her in mid leap and frozen with the flash which seemed to be a bit more of a challenge.

Time flew bye, and Lucie was briefly naked so I could see how the light would pick up her muscle tone and I had already told her we were done; she was getting dressed when I turned around to see my G9 on the equipment table, looking all lonely and remembered that I was going to give it a try.

I called Lucie back, and asked if she could do a bit more and luckily she didn’t hesitate or moan at my request.

Triggering the Flash Heads in the studio with a G9

As there is no Sync lead socket to fire the studio flash heads, I just switched on the cell slaves, which means as soon as a high intensity of light (from a flash) the studio flash heads fire (this means you don’t have to have a lead to every flash head, running from your camera) so all I did was drop down the Flash power to minus 2 stops on the G9, set it to manual exposure mode and matched the aperture to the light reading I was already using for the D2x, and it worked and I took a couple of frames of Lucie in a classic art nude pose sat on the floor.

Using the G9 did not make it feel ‘pervy’ in any way, the large LCD screen on the rear made it very easy to show Lucie the results and the screen is better than the D2x as it is more colour accurate,not as contrasted and larger, that said it probably looked quite rain-mac flasher.

I quite like the images it made too, the 12MP on a small sensor when shot at ISO100 made a image that looked like fine grain film when I viewed it at 100%

The images showed a little too warm out of the camera but that was also true of the Nikon, and the G9 was set on (AWB) Auto White Balance as we were rushing to get out before the building shut, I forgot to set it too flash

Well, I will have another go next time, maybe start the shoot with it….

As I said previously, my troubles did not end there, I decided to upload the images to my Flickr account and forgot to set the ‘Safe Viewing’ filter on their uploadr tool as that is normally the level I use for Flickr, as I did not normally upload nude works, but have decided to use it for online backup of my images and forgot it was there!

Later in the evening, when I went to check the LifeSpy blog and I realised what I had done, as nude images of Lucie were running down the sidebar in my Flickr feed. I logged into my account to find an email form Flickr telling me they had received a complaint and had put my account into moderation!

My Flickr stats reported 1,220 views on that day.

I am now waiting for them to re-assess my account

but I have posted the images here but you will have to click the read more for the rest of the post

Please, don’t repost this article unless the images are hidden with the disclaimer bellow….Act responsibly, not everyone likes or wants nudity!



This website/blog includes erotic art content of a sexually explicit nature. If you are under 18 years of age, offended by adult material, or it is illegal to view sexually explicit material in your community, please leave now.

→ I am at least 18 years of age.
→ I desire to receive and view sexually explicit erotic art material, and do not find it obscene.
→ The sexually explicit erotic art material I am viewing is for my own personal use.
→ I will not show this sexually explicit erotic art material to minors.
→ The receiving and viewing of sexually explicit erotic art materials does not violate the laws and standards of my community, town, city, state or country.
→ I accept responsibility for my own actions and release Gary Austin and his agents from any liability.

All models are consenting adults over 18

Wow, I always wanted one of those disclaimer things…


The images :

IMG_0803 IMG_0804
+ 1 stop exposure correction for High Key metered as is 1/125 at f8.0



The final result in Warm B+W with some edge darkening


7 thoughts on “Art Nude with the G9?

  1. Well, I’d spotted them on my Flickr home page so naturally had to check ’em out. Immediately spotted you hadn’t set a safety filter and was quite surprised, thinking to myself “Well, that’s a bit foolish, they’re bound to upset someone”.
    Was gonna send you a quick mail about it but stopped myself just in time, assuming you knew what you were doing. After all, you’re not as daft as me.

    On the other hand…

  2. Hmm, they seem to be gone from Flickr now (I was gonna take a second look and maybe comment a few)… did they pull them or was it you?

    Bit extreme I’d have thought. After all, there’s nothing really iffy about any of them. Far as I recollect they’re simply art nude shots… hardly even qualify for the label “erotic” (if they had done I would’ve definitely fired off that mail to you, regardless of the assumption that you “know what you’re doing”).
    Amazing how narrow-minded some folk can be.

  3. No, I have hidden them Flickr were realy good about it, it just means all my images have gone of public streams, I just wish they would get around to looking at my page!

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