The G9 as a Journalist Tool for the Pro’s

There is a brief piece on Multimedia Shooter about the Canon G9’s use for video and as a pro photographer’s back up for HD Video. Just what the journalist needs in today’s New Media.

There is also a Video piece by San Jose Mercury News with the Canon G9 as the video tool used by all the photographers All further testimony of just how good the G9 is as well as how lovable it is

Why I love the Canon G9

February 23, 2008


I have been a big fan of the Canon Powershot series for a long time. I’ve owned the SD100, SD200, SD500 and SD1000 and now the G9. The reason I loved the 100 thru 1000 series was their compact size and overall quality. So the G9 was an obvious ‘first look’ when I needed a new P&S.

Every professional photographer owns a personal point and shoot. Why? Who wants to carry that big ass Mark II  on your way to the market? Anyway, when I started looking for a back-up camera to use on assignment instead of my Sony HD video camera, the G9 caught my eye. WHAT? The G9 as a back-up for a Sony HD video camera? That’s right. When you work for a newspaper who wants their staff to produce as many videos as possible, everyday, it’s not always the best choice to pull out the ‘big guns.’

Yes we pull frame grabs (I can hear the purists groan) from the HD video, but sometimes all you want is a ‘quick-hit’ video and not deal with the whole ‘tape’ issue (you know what I mean, your five-year-old laptop trying to import HD tape. It can take a while). I chose the Canon G9.

Here are some reason to love the G9:

  • Time Lapse feature
  • Decent audio recording feature, you can even adjust the input level and turn on a wind protection feature.
  • The G9 sports a dedicated hot shoe for mounting external Canon flash units and/or the Canon ST-E2 wireless transmitter. Flash sync with Canon Speedlights is 1/500th of a second. In manual mode flash output can be adjusted incrementally
  • Full manual control
  • Awesome macro mode
  • Record video clips at 640×480 @ 30 fps (up to 4GB or 1 hour) or 1024×768 @ 15fps (up to 4GB or 1 hour)
  • The G9 can also be used to record audio notations (up to 60 seconds) with still images or as a digital audio recorder (recording duration – up to 120 minutes)

IMO this is its only flaw:

  • The click wheel in the back has no ‘lock’ so it can easily be shifted, sometimes causing the camera to shoot in a different mode, like Time Lapse or Email quality, when you don’t want it to. [a little piece of gaffer tape can fix anything]

The new Canon Powershot G9 is the sort of elegant, very capable, and completely self-contained imaging tool that Henri Cartier-Bresson (if he were still with us) might have used to capture the “decisive moments” of the 21st century. 

As an example of the video quality here is a piece we recently produced at the San Jose Mercury News with the Canon G9 as the ‘video’ tool used by all the photographers. Check it out , here.

Why I love the Canon G9 : MultimediaShooter


2 thoughts on “The G9 as a Journalist Tool for the Pro’s

  1. Wow! This is just getting too incredible. Reason I haven’t done much video (any, in fact!) and have focussed on stills is yeah, he’s right, it just takes too long to import from tape (and the files are huge), and, as a spin-off from that almost, I’ve never really got my head around the editing.
    But I can see how it’d be much easier with the G9, but that application would never have occurred to me. I’m impressed.

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