Macro Flash with the G9

I don’t have much time to do macro photography, I always seem to be looking at bigger things but it is amazing to see the little details and I know the G9 user groups on flickr have some amazing macro images. I found this little article very informative on Powershot Valley

How to Use the MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite on the PowerShot G9

By Rob van de Wijngaard
The Netherlands
7 February 2008

Part 1

Reading through the specs of the G9 I noticed that the MT-24EX is not listed as an optional accessory. This is not without reason, the MT-24EX is designed to be used with the EF series Macro Lenses.

They are provided with an additional rounding or lip around the front of  the lens, to help attach the MT-24EX (or MR-14EX). There is no such rounding on a PowerShot G9 (I think Canon did this not without reason…)

Is there a way around this? Yes there are;-)



If you do not already own one; buy a Canon conversion lens adapter LA-DC58H or buy a Lensmate adapter for Powershot G7/G9. In addition buy a Cokin A458 (58mm) adapter ring.

The Cokin adapter ring has the necessary lip all around. The flash ring of the MT-24EX fits therefore lovely onto the Cokin A458 adapter ring.

The set-up will be as follows:

  • Put your camera on a tripod
  • Remove the lens ring
  • Attach the lens adapter to your camera (be sure it is properly locked)
  • Screw the Cokin A458 adapter ring on the front of the lens adapter
  • Put the mount ring of the MT-24EX on the Cokin A458 adapter ring
  • Put the MT-24EX control unit into the G9 Hot Shoe (be sure it is properly locked)
  • Install both flash heads to the MT-24EX mount ring



After everything is fitted, one will soon discover that the distance from the front of the lens to flash heads and to your subject is far to short for creating adequate lighting. (and this is the reason for Canon not mentioning the MT-24EX as a accessory for the PowerShot G7/G9).



But, Errr, here comes Nikon to our rescue (at lease in my case…). Because I own both the Nikon  5T and 6T close-up lenses the solution became simple:

  • Screw a step-up ring (58 to 62 mm) in front of the MT-24EX mount ring (Yes there is a 58mm filter thread provided in the mount ring)
  • Screw the Nikon 6T close-up lens (with this one I got the best results)  onto the front of the step up ring; done!

Of course one is free to use any other close-up lens like the Canon 500D58 mm version.


If the flash exposure is to harsh, don’t worry because Stofen can provide the solution. See the  Omni-Bounce OM-24X Set.



Please don’t rush to the shops because (at least to my opinion) there are better and cheaper alternatives. Remember; if you don’t already own any part of this set-up it will cost you about € 850,– ($ 770.– in the USA), almost twice the price of a PowerShot G7/G9 camera!

Part 2 – To be continued… stay tuned!

Hint: Maybe it is not such a bad idea for Lensmate to take notice and to modify the design of their adapter, so that it provides the necessary rounding or lip for PowerShot G7/G9.

Part 2


As mentioned in part one there are no need to rush to the shop and to buy an MT-24EX Macro Twinlite for your Canon Powershot G9. Today there is (at least to my opinion) a more versatile (and cheaper) alternative.

Most Powershot G9 owners own a Canon 430 EX flash unit ( a Canon 420EX, 550EX, 580EX or 580EXII will also do)

By buying a second 430EX flash unit and a ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter you are getting a much more powerful and versatile setup for less. ( a extra, second hand, 420 EX flash unit will be an even more cost effective solution)




MT-24 EX Twinlite

ST-E2 / 430EX (2x)


Dedicated to macro photography, limited usage in general photography

Flexible solution for macro and general flash photography

Guide number

24 (both heads)  /  26 single head


Min. – Max. distance

20mm – 8,6 m*

0,7** – 24,3 m

Number of groups of flash units

3 (A, B and C), Group A and B are assigned to both swivel flash heads of the MT-24EX Twinlite
. Other external Speedlite flash units may be assigned to Group A and/or B

2 (A, B), multiple flash units may be used within a group


Position of swivel flash head limited by the length of the connecting cord (ca. 30 cm)

Wireless control of external speedlites: inside up to 8m, outside up to 5m.

Place of flash units is only  limited by ST-E2 distance of control; inside up to 12m, outside up to 8m.


590 g (ex. batt.)

760 g ( 2x 430EX + ST-E2)
(ex. Batt.)

Price (average)

$ 650.– / € 745,–
(MT- 24EX only)

$ 670.–  / € 665,–
( 2x 430EX + ST-E2)

* less in FP mode    ** less in close-up, “off-shoe” use

Note: In this article only the G9 is mentioned because it is not clear to me if the ST-E2 Speedlite transmitter is 100% compatible with the G7.

Macro Flash


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