Thank You :: G9 visits

I set this blog up on the 5th February 2008 and during this month I have had 7,136 visitors, nearly all of which are G9 users or possibly going to be

The top read post was how to set up the Canon G9 for snap shooting with 622 reads followed by the Canon G9 Vs Leica M8 with 592 readers.

For this month I am working on some info for the Professional Photographer, a detailed look at bags, cases and carrying the G9 and how to post images to a blog or similar from the cute little G9, as well as other useful tips and news so; check back soon


Thank You



4 thoughts on “Thank You :: G9 visits

  1. I think you’re supposed to carry the G9 with your hand. I know it’s a bit old fashioned, maybe even conventional, but it seems to work pretty well with my Canon camera.

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