Accuracy in the G9’s Optical Viewfinder


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This is the sort of view you get when you look through the optical viewfinder on the G9, a simple cross hair type of pattern but all in black, which is not the easiest colour to see with dark subject tones. the G9’s optical viewfinder only shows about 80 per cent of the actual scene, which translates as if you can see it in the optical viewfinder it will be in the final image with space to spare.

Now the problem does not end there as pro news photographer and G9 user Phil Dunn illustrates on his blog. The reticules (cross hairs) are not accurate so you might find some important part of your composition inaccurate and I have found the centre of the frame to be at the bottom of the top reticule (shown in red) also check out Tricks with the AF Illuminator on the G9 for ways on using the optical viewfinder in low light conditions


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