How to upgrade to a G9

I am not endorsing this as a practice, but the following does show how much we love photography and just how easy it is to loose a camera. Get it insured!


  • Mar 9, 2008 at 2:29 PM

It turns out that Piggy left his camera on the plane en route to Kansas City on his latest business trip. This was the Canon SD900 that I bought for him for Xmas 2006.

Canon SD900 Titanium

Canon SD900 Titanium

Like WTF can you do about it right?? I mean, I just recently lost my iPod Nano trip my Miami trip… but STILL — I got my Nano for free because I won it from one of my previous jobs. I told him that we should look on Craigslist to replace it and he didn’t want to – I mean – SHEESH – that’s what I did to replace my iPod!!! So we go to the camera store and he spent a whopping $700 on a new kit (8 gb SD card, new camera bag, etc) for this puppy:

Canon G9

Canon G9

Granted, I was abit hurt by the fact that the muthafucka hasn’t given me a freekin’ Anniversary present, but I didn’t TOTALLY call him out on it (I did alittle because that’s JUST ME!) but little does he know that he’s paying for my “Pair of bags for my birthday!” Muwahahahahahahaw!!!). You wanna touch my tatas? Pay for them jigga. LOL!!!!

So yesterday, we went to The San Jose Flea Market and to The “Viethood” on Tully Road. Yah – I know how to treat my man. “Buy anything you want babycakes – I got it! FOR REALZ DAWG!!!”

Check out first pix with this camera…. yeah – there’s unflattering pix of me but wtf – I ain’t puttin’ on no prom dress for a beautiful Saturday!




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