Philip Jones Griffiths Dies 1936-2008

By Stuart Franklin
The world that I grew up in will be, from today, a poorer place. It is with
great sadness I have to write that Philip – a monumental, irrepressible
force in photography and in life – and a courageous fighter against the
cancer that finally defeated him – passed away last night.
Philip’s passing is an enormous loss to us all at Magnum, and I am sure to
everyone who knew him. It was a privilege to have brushed, even lightly,
against his charm, his brilliance and his passion for photojournalism.
Those who only know him through his work will have missed his skills as an
orator, raconteur, wit and polemicist. He remained the lovely man that he
was – graceful and welcoming – especially to young people trying to make a
start in photography. He had much to pass on, not just about the importance
of “real” photography, but about the art and craft of picture-making.

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