Press Freedom Protest! New Scotland Yard!

This is not the sort of headline you or I would expect to see in a democratic, civilised western country, but increasingly press photographers and amateur  photographers are becoming targeted more and more. recently the Met launched an add campaign that makes photographers look like a terrorist suspect. On a personal level I am getting stopped more and more even though I have a UK Press Card (not shown)

Restrictions on the right to protest have gone hand in hand with attacks on those of us who cover protests.  In recent months there have been attacks on photographers, people have had equipment seized and access has been denied. Police officers routinely stand in front of photographers, hold a hand in front of lenses, preventing decent shots being taken by deadline.

The fading of Press Freedom

Our lawful right to do our job is increasingly under threat.

To highlight such attacks on the freedom of the media, NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear will stage a lone protest outside New Scotland Yard:

Date: Friday 28th March 2008.
Time: 2-3pm.
Place: New Scotland Yard, London, S1.


Whilst the law puts restrictions on how many protesters and the nature of any protest, photographers have a right to cover protests – lawful or otherwise.

Yet that right is all too often being denied.

Show your support for the right to photograph protests free from threats or intimidation.

Join the ‘press pack’ at 2pm!

Don’t forget your UK Press Card! – Maybe wear it with pride! or buy one of these protest T-shirts from Editorial Photographers UK (EPUK) that says “Thousands of coppers stop photographers each day – What if one of them seems odd” and “State control – if you see it report it” Yes put me down for a   t-shirt


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