Solo Photo Book Month

Over on Musings on Photography they have started  a SoFoBoMo due to start on 1st April-ish 2008 which lasts for a 31 day month. The idea is you make a book (of photo’s) in a month as an intense mini project, it can be a Scribus PDF book, a printed book from a print house like Blurb or other formats of ‘book’.

What better way to get to know your G9 and all its functions, and you may even bump into other G9 users as well. Its also quite interesting to see how some photographers are gearing up for the month project as well.  For more information read bellow

Solo Photo Book Month

January 18, 2008

Novelists have NaNoWriMo – the National Novel Writing Month, during which hundreds of thousands of novelists and folks who want to be novelists (even just for a month) write a novel, start to finish, in one month.

Musicians have NaSoAlMo – the National Solo Album Month, during which a large bunch of musicians write, perform, and record the music for a solo album.

And now I’m pleased to announce the first ever SoFoBoMo – Solo Photo Book Month, for photographers who want to take a crack at putting together a solo photo book in one month.

Why is it called SoFoBoMo and not NaSoPhoBoMo? It’s called SoFoBoMo because it’s fun to say, and because it’s easier to type than NaSoPhoBoMo. I dropped the Na part because it’s clear at the outset that it’s involving photographers from around the world, and thus it really ought to be InSoFoBoMo, but again that’s just too much. SoFoBoMo is just right.When is Solo Photo Book Month?

Because we’re just getting started, we’re doing a fuzzy month. You should pick a 31 day period that starts no earlier than April 1, 2008, and ends no later than May 31, 2008. In other words, if you start on April 1, your month ends on May 1. If you start on April 15, your month ends on May 15. Having everyone do it exactly at the same time would be nice, because it would allow for maximum sense of camaraderie, but everyone has different schedules and this fuzzy month start/finish plan buys some of that without the inflexibility.

How many photos do I need for the book?

35 – large enough that it can’t be flung together from a single afternoon’s photography, short enough to be doable. I understand that for some folks 35 is big number. For the folks who have been running photo-a-day photoblogs, it’s child’s play. 35 is a reasonable compromise. It’s the number of photos in the book “The Gift of the Commonplace”, a book of photographs by Ruth Bernhard. If it’s long enough for Ruth Bernhard, it’s long enough for us. UPDATE: You can have more that 35 photos if you like.

Can I include photos I’ve already taken prior to the start of my 31 days?

No. The book should include only text written and photos made (including both exposure and any editing) during the month.

Can I use ideas or plans I had ahead of time?

Yes. Planning ahead, getting hold of equipment or software you plan to use, and learning the skills to put together whatever book-like thing is the final result are all things that you can do in advance. But you have to take the photos and write the text in that one month.

Carry on reading over at Musings on Photography:
Solo Photo Book Month « Musings on Photography


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