Ricoh GX100 Review

The people over at Luminous Landscapes have a review on the Ricoh GX100 another RAW shooting compact (which shoots in Adobes Digital Negative, .dng) There are some comparisons to the G9 in the article as well but as the GX100 takes 5 seconds to write the RAW file it’s not one for me

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3 thoughts on “Ricoh GX100 Review

  1. I spotted that one myself. It certainly looks a neat little camera and it appears to have some really nice features. The five second RAW-write is a bit of an issue though. Pity, as otherwise it sounds as though it could have been a viable alternative to the G9, particularly as it seems even better suited to carrying in the pocket.

    Also its a bit cheaper than the G9 (sans the extended viewfinder that is).

  2. The thing with cameras and especially point and shoots, is its down to how you want to use it, if you only take the occasional picture the 5 second RAW write time might not be an issue, if you do news, documentary, reportage and the point and shoot is for unannounced spot news the 5 second write time is not an option.

    The GX100 on the other hand is the sort of camera I would be looking at if I was into architecture, museums and landscapes as opposed to a wide variety of life in general.
    The G9 just has that extra edge for what I need when I can’t use my DSLR

    I don’t like the idea that a camera can be considered a purchase option because you can shove into a shirt pocket either, which a lot of reviewers keep commenting on, cameras are not protected in a shirt, they fall out, and dust surrounds them, its totally the wrong way to look at buying a camera. A camera especially of the compact; point and shoot variety I believe does have to fit into your lifestyle though otherwise it gets left back at home or becomes a burden carrying it. Certainly there are times I shove the G9 in a pocket and I assume that is what you are referring too, but how many people might be swayed by this as to a reason to buy the camera in the first place?

  3. Well, certainly not I. Even when I had that old Olympus (which theoretically was a pocket camera) I used to shove it in a pouch fixed to my belt. That’s sort of my preferred mode of carrying such things (my pockets are usually packed full of other stuff anyway).

    And the way I shoot (quick quick quick) just wouldn’t lend itself to that delay. I’d just lose patience after a while.

    Seems to me that the requirement for shooting in RAW, and the requirement for carrying a camera in a pocket, would normally come from two different user-groups.
    Not to say they’re mutually exclusive of course.

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