Free, yes Free Photoshop!

You heard me right!

Just launched today, free version of the Adobe Photoshop, well online version anyway. So now if you wondered what your Canon G9 images would look like processed in Photoshop you can find out.

You can have your own gallery, browse other peoples work and share photos too . Further the Photoshop Express version works from any browser and operating system so it might be useful to some pros working in the remote back yard.

Photoshop Express is currently a basic version in beta testing….I am going to break of now for some testing:)

On the Web:


4 thoughts on “Free, yes Free Photoshop!

  1. Be warned, as it currently stands, it seems you sign away the rights to your photos if you use it. …as reading the terms of cond.

  2. Thanks xebastyan, I had heard about the rights grab, and Adobe are meant to be changing it, after all they have stopped the stock photo cos it didn’t work so why would they want other peoples images (for free) hmm…..?

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