Canon G9 in Ariel Photography

Well here is a novel use for your G9 by and before you rush out buying a remote controlled helicopter, as the latest G9 accessory, be warned they cost thousands of dollars.

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Miniature choppers offer bird’s-eye view – Fosters

The longtime electrician and helicopter enthusiast has spent thousands of dollars tweaking and outfitting RC choppers and his most recent venture, Maine Aerial Photography Services, has him mounting a Canon G9 camera to the bottom of the helicopter to take photos of everything from homes and businesses to the work at the middle school in Laconia.
Ramsdell has been tinkering with RC planes since 1977 and in recent years has focused on helicopters that run thousands of dollars by the time you get the engine, blades, components and remote control.
And the helicopter he uses to take pictures is highly modified to assure it takes the best shots possible from a distance of 400 feet and below, which he noted is the range “small, unmanned aerial systems” can fly under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules.


Alan Ramsdell, owner of Maine Aerial Photography Service, uses a radio-controlled helicopter with a Canon G-9 camera mounted to it to take photographs of residential and commercial buildings as well as aerial landscapes of the region.

Miniature choppers offer bird’s-eye view – Fosters


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