Flickr not so on side, with photographers rights, apparently…

According to Flickr’s user Shutterfever it appears that Flickr are not quite on the same side as photographers and have been deleting comments made over a video where a photographer has been harassed by a security guard for taking pictures in the street

As i didn’t mean to go to Stoke  says:

Nearly 20 000 have watched this video, 38 000 have seen my photo.
The story has been read by over 30 000 people in the local press.
On American websites the story and video has been followed by tens of thousands of people. Over 100 000 people have heard this on Radio 4.
Attempts to gag us and preventing the truth from getting out there have failed completely.

and this thread  here

Any one for Ipenity?


2 thoughts on “Flickr not so on side, with photographers rights, apparently…

  1. As a photographer I wouldn’t lean toward Ipernity. The original file you upload is not protected in anyway except obscurity. If someone can guess or hack the file location and name then they or anyone they gine the details to can access the file without you ever knowing. Also that original file uploaded is, as far as I can tell, never deleted. I have some images I deleted 4 months ago that still sit there. I made a temporary account at the same time uploaded 2 photos and then deleted the account. The files still sit there.

    The only thing deleting does is remove the links to the file from your account so you have no way of monitoring it. Not that visits to the original image is ever tracked in you account anyway.

    So Ipernity is one program I would avoid if I cared about keeping any sort of control over my files.

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