Designer Straps for the G9

Well you have all the gadgets and attachments for your G9, but then so do a lot of people so how do you make your G9 stand out from the crowd…with a one off designer strap from Luxury Beads.

Beaded Camera strap on a Canon G9 from Luxury Beads

These straps are also ideal for the ladies who want to make there camera a little less macho and more ‘girly’ as they see fit, there is even a Suicide Girls designs in the pipeline with skull beads and punky pinks. The straps are designed in strength for a point and shoot cameras but equally work on mobile phones (Cell Phone) and PDA’s

The straps come in two lengths one for wrist and the other a neck strap, that is mounted to one of the strap points on the camera. Each strap is unique and a one off, you can’t buy two of the same strap, so no worries of bumping into some one and being embarrassed you have copied some one else’s set up!

This particular strap consisted of seed beads, black agate, and a large glass focal bead, separated by Tibetan silver bead caps and tube beads. Attaching the camera was a small corded loop; these are replaceable in the event of wear (and needs to be checked on a regular bases) and was easy to fit to the G9, unlike some straps that seem to be incompatible or require a screwdriver to force the fitting.

The straps are strong and can take a lot of weight but I would not say they are heavy duty and are more for the social photographer than those covering riots or working at the extreme end of life. That said only time will tell if I am wrong on that one.

Price for the wrist straps are £11.95 and £19.95 for the long/neck straps in the UK and Luxury Beads will be shipping them abroad in the near future.


3 thoughts on “Designer Straps for the G9

  1. Hi Keith,
    Its not a flash its an optical viewfinder a bit bigger and better than the one in the G9, its made buy Hellios and you can sometimes get them of ebay 🙂

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