Instant JPEG from RAW utility

Here is a nice free little utility to keep on a memory stick the ‘Instant JPEG from Raw utility’ from the good folks at RawWorkflow.Com.

This is ideal if you shoot in Raw format but need to get a JPEG image to send and you are away from home or don’t have your laptop with you. Beg someone to use there PC is one thing but not everyone has Lightroom or Photoshop installed this little utility snatches the Jpeg. previews from the Raw file at lightning fast speeds and saves them in the folder, this option is available when you right click on selected images.

Ideal for keeping on a memory stick in your camera bag just in case you stumble upon some hot news!

Its available for Mac’s and PC’s and is a very small file size

Go to download page

Some compatibility issues can be found here


3 thoughts on “Instant JPEG from RAW utility

  1. yes its real quick but it does depend on how big the jpeg preview file is in your Raw converter as that is the maximum size for the jpeg, so some testing is needed

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