Documenting Urban Exploration

For quite a while now I have been wanting to do a project looking at how a industry has changed the landscape and the community. For example, In north Wales they had the slate quarrying which employed some 3,000 workers at one quarry, some workers lived in cold and damp barracks because the quarries were high in the hills and away from the established villages; some even had to walk 20 miles on a Monday morning to start work. The waste slate tipped on the hills and remains are still visible today; but such an industry had its price, the workers suffered more deaths than working coal, and many died of lung disease from the dust of the slate as well as TB.

Myself and my friend were looking at the old Friar Gate station the other day and it is hard to see such a beautiful building going into decay, but the roads around have pretty much made it aloof on the landscape, hardly noticed by most derby folk, further some buildings are going to be demolished near to it to make way for a new road that nobody seems to want.

Researching such a topic that fits my documentary and photographic interest is not easy, especially if you don’t want to travel far and stay in your locality so to my surprise while searching for a Derbyshire villages history I found two great sites Urban Assault and Derelict Places which has a wealth of info from across the country.

These Urban Explorers often have to gain entry in unorthodox way just so the history can be documented, as getting permission is nigh impossible these days, so well done to all the  explorerers of derelict places and thanks for documenting our history, nice one… I think  I have found my project 🙂


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