BBC use iPhone to get media out

My mate Tim spotted this guy from the BBC and said he was using an iPhone with a lot of kit!
So I went over to him while the protest was at a lul and had a look. He had an ariel in one hand on his chest was the transmitter and audio kit, with a microphone and on his back was a rucksac with a car battery in it. In his hand an iPhone with a cable going into the pack on his chest.
So I start up the conversation and ask if all that gear was for the iPhone, which he laughed at. But the iPhone was not just for calls.
The beeb do actualy use the iPhone to broadcast stills and video to the web and the rest was for recording audio for radio.
Today I read an article on how Africa was an up coming mobile web user which is not surprising especially as the UN are looking at social media like Twitter to respond to disasters and emergancies and all that is needed is a phone on the ground.
Other dedicated apps like Ipadio are being used by the Red Cross for live reporting.
Even NGOs are now blurring the lines between news organisations by producing their own news and allowing the strapped for cash mainstram media to use it.
The mobile phone or palm device will be an important part in the way news is going to be produced and as cameras in the phones get better will probably chalange how news is reported and uploaded.


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