Avoiding Mindless Documenting

Residents cheer on the Carnival (c)2009 Gary Austin all rights reserved

As a follow on from my previous post here I think it is important to avoid mindless documenting. Although one could argue that by definition all photos are documents, a collection of said photos does not make it a documentary. Documentary Photography has a long history of being narrative in its nature and to inform the viewer.

So with this project now mapped, I am going to be looking more to the abstract themes than photographing objects that one would find in a village, looking at the story, and the people in the village or who have connections to the village. The difficulty is of course that it is me selecting the story and what I feel is important and by way of which I can visually show the story.

There are of course methods one can adopt to help fill the gaps of missing visual elements, like using maps, text, captions and even audio as well as other multimedia or mixed media and I certainly am not ruling these out, but such technology does need power or the web, which can be a social hinderance.

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