A Look Elsewhere – Alcester Folk Festival

Alcester Folk Festival by Gary Austin
A fox in the middle of the smoke twirling a flaming torch
The Crow - Alcester Folk Festival
The Crow dancing at Alcester Folk Festival
Alcester Folk Festival - The Foxes
The Foxes playing at Alcester Folk Festival

At the weekend me and the wife left to go to the Alcester Folk Festival with my sons looking slightly puzzled as if to say “it’s us who go to festivals not parents” but we went anyway and left the house at their mercy.

It was a bit of an odd event  with camping in a field about a mile away and the festival held in Greig Hall and in the local pubs so it was some what scattered. Real Ales where of course the order of the day, with Morris Dancing, and late night singing in the Greig Halls fabulous acoustic reception area.

The highlight for me though was a fire display by Mr Fox accompanied by drums and other instruments. The fire and Drums coming through the town of Alcester sort of triggers that primal part of the mind that just keeps you memorised to the figures wearing leather masks of foxes (and a crow) all in black like some sort of pagan ritual (there is no religion involved) It was somewhat a shame judging by that the locals low attendance that they don’t appreciate what they have.

As for Mr Fox, well that is certainly one not to be missed!

Alcester Folk Festival
Real ale in Tankard at Alcester Folk Festival




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