Glasgow Set To Ban Photography From Its Subway

Well according to Amateur Photographer Magazine it looks like #photography is to become a target in the hysteria of terrorism – again!

Just stop for a minute and think how are they going to enforce this exactly? Smart Phones are so discrete and in common use it is easy to mask making a photograph while pretending your sending a message or reading emails. The wealth of cheap surveillance cameras, video and audio recorders from spy shops makes the task of getting covert images a breeze and maybe that is the market they should look at banning.

All that will happen is dedicated photographers will become victims for making photographs.

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Scotland’s Largest City Set To Ban All Photography in Its Subways
Earlier today Amateur Photographer reported that the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) in Glasgow, Scotland is set to impose a series of bylaws for the cities transport, including a ban in s…

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