Thailand – Do You Know Who This Reporter/Person Is?

Two years ago, Fabio Polenghi was killed in Thailand while photographing a red shirt protests.

The Metropolitan Police Bureau has concluded that the death of Fabio resulted from the actions of government officials.
Right after he was shot, someone dressed as a reporter took his camera. Reporters often do know each other, but no one seems to know him.

Isa Polenghi, Fabio’s sister, is trying to contact this man, not to accuse him of taking the camera but only to know what are the last pics taken by Fabio right before being shot to death. If this man is a reporter, he might be willing to give his testimony.

Please find the pictures of the man Isa is looking for on this page


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Who is this man?
Sito ufficiale dedicato a Fabio Polenghi, il fotoreporter ucciso il 19 maggio del 2010 a Bangkok mentre documentava l’assalto finale dell’esercito all’accampamento delle camicie rosse.

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