UK Government Proposes Massive Copyright  Snatch

Photographers, illustrators and authors will be amongst those to lose their digital rights. It includes a rework of Section 43 (Orphan works)

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Embedded Link proposes massive copyright land snatch • The Register
Analysis Photographers, illustrators and authors will be amongst those to lose their digital rights under radical new proposals published by the Government today. New legislation is proposed that woul…

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12 thoughts on “UK Government Proposes Massive Copyright  Snatch

  1. So, I could in theory set up a company to license any kind of work I like and make money from other people's endeavours, just as long as I've had a bit of a go at finding them?

  2. Not quite, +Darren Fuller.  I just read a fair bit of the government white paper on this issue.  It seems that your "bit of a go" will be checked by an independent body.  Hmm… independent of whom, I wonder.  It also says that royalties payments for the absent rights holders must be set aside for them, as they may still turn up even when an extensive search has failed to find them.  I doesn't sound terrifying, but….Say you have a signed contract with a photo licensing company like Getty Images, as I do.  Then say a third party decides they can't find me and goes ahead and licenses my photo to someone.  Am I in involuntary breach of contract?

  3. I'll be interested to find out how this independent body will be formed and work. You would imagine that the volume of work involved potentially would be a limiting factor in a thorough review.

  4. There is to be a register of orphan works.  In this day and age, you'd expect that some automated system could be used to find closely matching images on the internet.  That would surely save some time for the reviewers…. if indeed that are to be reviewers.

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