A Debate on the Privatisation of Public Space

This is not just something that affects architectural photographers but news photographers and street photographers too and is well worth the read if you are in the UK.

Privatisation of Public Space is happening in many cites too, normally around shopping centres to name just one

To briefly present some of the key points of the speakers’ presentations Marc Vallée spoke of his interest in photographing places that have been designed and constructed in order to avert certain users from using them. Some examples are open air spaces where architectural ‘accessories’ have been installed so that skaters cannot skate or homeless people cannot lay down to sleep. Those spaces seem public but in fact are privately owned and are intended mainly for commercial use.


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…a debate on the privatisation of public space @ Defence of the Public Realm
Defence of the Public Realm was an extremely interesting debate that took place on the 25thof June in Bishopsgate Institute as an event within London Festival of Architecture 2012. It was very info……

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