Derby Beer Festival

Some Lads from Staffordshire

Derby Beer Festival

Over 200 Real ales in Barrels - Documentary Food Photographer
Over 200 Real Ales, ciders and Perry’s where on offer
The Jazz kept coming

This years Derby Beer Festival, was very well attended it soon broke out via twitter that they were running low on beer from mid Saturday afternoon and a glass shortage had occurred pictures on twitter showed massive ques outside the Assembly Rooms (where the summer festival is held) by the evening. The first day they had over 1,700 people attend the beer festival which shows just how popular the festival has become. Some people I spoke to had travelled from London, Coventry, Nottingham and Staffordshire.

It is rumoured that Derby has more pubs per square meter than any other in the world? It is also the Real Ale Capital of the world and one of the top ten tourist attractions as suggested by the Lonely Planet.

Beer Just Got Political!

Don’t forget to sign CAMRA’s  e-petition to save your pint from dubiousness of new taxation regulations the government want to enforce!

Derby’s 35th Annual Summer Beer Festival



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