An Interesting Turn For Hipstamatic – Photojournalism

Hpistamatic is expected to launch, later this year, a pack of digital lenses and films dedicated to photojournalists to raise funds for its newly created Hipstamatic Foundation for Photojournalism.

Currently for colour or black and white photojournalism I am using 645 Pro app as it saves as tiff format, has a histogram, and is a better camera app for photographers;  but Hipstermatic’s new and free lens Jane and also free film Ina’s 82 works pretty well.

Also if you weren’t aware you can use the volume up button to trigger the shutter while using Hipstamatic, which also works with the iPhone’s headphones

Hipstamatic with “Jane” lens
Hipstamatic for Photojournalists
Hipstamatic with “Ina’s 82” film

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