The Latest Social Trend – Birth Photography

With fees from around $500 – $2,500 transforming a traditionally behind-closed-doors event into something to be captured on camera and shared with a wider audience

Sorry if you are eating your breakfast

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Birth photography, the latest trend in really social media – Canada – CBC News
Hiring a professional photographer to take close-up shots of your baby being born is the latest trend in the digital revolution.

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4 thoughts on “The Latest Social Trend – Birth Photography

  1. Not sure if the hospital would have said yes or no as I didn't ask. Purely for the reason that my wife would have killed me if I tried to photograph her giving birth

  2. La última cosa que haría en el mundo sería incluir a un verdadero y completo extraño en un momento íntimo familiar, a pesar que yo mismo, saqué video é imágenes del nacimiento de mis hijos. Mi esposa tendida desnuda, con dolores, y mis hijos en el primer paso en el mundo ¿y debo incluir a un extraño porque es la tendencia de las redes sociales? ¡Absurdo!

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