The Wider Image – Reuters Launches Full Photo iPad App

Key features of the app include:
– Interactive Formats – Each story expands from a single image to give more context through a variety of formats including slideshows, sequences and sounds. Read, touch and listen and transform the way you see.
– Explore Tool – Explore by date, location, photographer and themes. See what’s happening in places you care about. Discover stories in places you may never have known.
– Photographer Profiles – Get to know Reuters photojournalists through personal photographer profiles and in-the-field witness commentary. Follow your favorites to see new work as it is added.
– Country Profiles – Visually compare social, demographic and economic differences between the story’s location and your own.
– Daily Updates – Discover some of the best stories by Reuters photographers everywhere, with new images and stories every day. Uncover human perspectives beyond the news headlines.
available on iTunes here:

Is this the way forward for journalism and print editions?

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