Fujilm X-E1 and 18-55mm Lens – First Impressions

I got a call yesterday saying my Fujifilm X-E1 & XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS lens  had arrived and was waiting for me in my local camera shop, London Camera Exchange in Derby. 2 days early and for £1099.00 lens and body in black!

Unfortunately after battling through the traffic and again returning in rush hour there was no light left at the end of the day to give it a good test to see what it could really do.

18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS Lens Quality

A Very Quick Review

It is too soon for me to give overall impressions on this lens, but what I will say is the quality of manufacture is awesome, focusing in manual; is smooth as silk, as is the zoom function which should make it a  good lens for doing video too. The buttons for turning on the OIS, and changing the lens to Auto Aperture is really smooth and has that quality feel to it, gliding through to change aperture values is also a joy in quality.

The lens comes with front and rear lens caps as well as the hood, and I have found that when using the pop up flash it does create a shadow at the bottom edge all the way through the zoom range

As for the quality of the glass, I am astounded at the quality!  Yet I feel like I have been ripped off over the last 30 years on poor quality of the lenses from the top DSLR manufactures that I have been using which have varied in price from £200, up to £3,500. It also makes me wonder why the Leica lenses are so expensive as this lens must be close to Leica quality especially when combined with the sensors of the Fujifilm’s X-E1 and the X-Pro1

The Fujinion 18-55mm lens doesn’t seem to have any distortion of pin-cushioning,  barreling, no Chromatic Abrasions (CA) vignette and no purple fringing. I do need to do some more testing with this lens to confirm this though in different lighting conditions.

The OIS also seemed to be very impressive at holding the image steady and I nearly got a perfectly sharp image with 1.5 second exposure (I just need a little more practise to get over the shock of how good this OIS is) as for speed, it seems as fast as my pro spec DSLR, although it is over two years old.

I will update this later after some more testing with some images.

As for the FujifilmX-E1, all ill say for now is I am loving it, the quality of the images is superb


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