Billingham Hadley (small) For Fujifilm X-E1 System

I have a lot of camera bags that I have collected over the years, always looking for the “right one” and some others brought for “specific missions” to take the heavy and bulky DSLR’s and associated kit

But since buying the Fujifiim X-E1 I have found them to be way too big so been on the hunt for a smaller bag. However I have often found that bags for small cameras, are too small and wont even take an iPad which I like to do for editing and sending images to news desks (hey someone needs to hassle them)

I have also owned the famed Billingham Bags too in the past, but they are so iconic they were a magnet for thieves, nice though!

The Billingham Hadley Small however in black or sage may just be the ticket and you can see how much you can get in in the video and would be suitable for activities like Reportage Photography, documentary Photography and street Photography as well as Photojournalism using an iPad or similar sized tablet

Billingham Hadley Small Camera Bags on Amazon UK start at £129


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