Eldon Hill Quarry, Derbyshire | Documenting New Topographical Landscapes

Eldon Hill Quarry, Derbyshire | Documenting New Topographical Landscapes

Eldon Hill Quarry & Documenting New Topographical Landscapes

Eldon Hill Quarry, Derbyshire (disused) lies 4 kilometers south west of Castleton, Derbyshire and been described as the best known eyesore in the Peak District Park.  Limestone was quarried from the hill between 1950 -1990.

The hill is of great geological, historical and industrial interest; as it lies at the northern limit of the limestone – White Peak District, and further north it merges into the millstone grit of the Dark Peak.
The hill’s name comes from the Old English language and means Elves Hill, as many years ago people believed that elves lived in the many potholes and caves on the hill. In 1285 the hill was called Elvedon which sounds very “Lord of the Rings“.

The amount of limestone that has been extracted, mostly for road building is quite staggering which makes a good subject for documenting new topographical landscapes

New Topographical Landscapes

New Topographics is a movement in photographic art in which the landscape is depicted without sentimental representation of the world we inhabit as being a place we do not exist in. It is sometimes seen as a reaction against utopian representations in landscape photography, of the sort exemplified by Ansel Adams’ photographs of Yosemite; depicting only unfettered nature at a time when industrialization was at its peak in the American economy. The photographers in the New topographic style show landscapes that include roads, housing projects, bridges, and other aspects of the landscape which show the traces of human activity.”  From Wikipedia

I actually like Documenting New Topographical Landscapes, yet I also find myself in a dilemma while looking at it as often I am upset by what has been lost in the way of nature and marvel at the scale and ingenuity of human achievements when motivated by capitalism. Maybe its not achievement that drives man, maybe its just greed; as any attempts to save the environment, nature or repair the damage we have caused has been very slow. Wind Farms and solar panels are starting to make headway, but they are items that people can profit from.

Filling the quarry back in is not high on the agenda unless there is a way of making a profit out of it.

Also: see the New Topographic Flickr Group

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