London Calling – Protests Against the G8

Protest Photography

I am heading off to London later today to photograph protests with four days of anti G8 protests and then going straight to Northern Ireland to photograph more anti G8 protests at Enniskillen where the actual G8 summit is being held.

With the news that austerity may last till 2020 and with the anti capitalist group Stop the G8 starting protests on  Tuesday 11th June (#J11) under the banner of One Common Struggle – Carnival Against Capitalism it could be very big and politically significant event as according to the Stop G8 Group “London is right at the heart of global capitalism” and while the governmental G8 media spin keeps on going, people seem to be taken in by it less and less.

With protests happening on a massive scale since the Arab Springs it would seem that citizens are realising that the problem with the economy is capitalism, and the practice of make yourself rich by trampling over those who work for you is not the way forward in the workers eyes

Then there is a mass of NGO’s working together on the “IF Campaign” (like Make Poverty History) and trying to put a stop to world hunger, well the G8 just spent £50 million on policing the event, many of the G8 countries have withdrawn funding for aid and humanitarian relief in one form or another, the UNHCR are crying out for money and well that £50 million could have made a positive impact on people’s lives who need it for their survival. Especially when the conference is just a meet and greet publicity stunt with all the decisions already being made in advance of the summit. Have they not heard of conference calls? It would cost next to nothing to do a Google Hangout!

With so many conflicts happening globally, so many environmental issues that need funding, addressing etc. and the perceived “Terrorist Threat” that has in no way been eased by the G8’s actions this may well be one of the most significant G8 summits with protesters venting their anger and being more determined to be heard and voice their public dissent.


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