Derby's Caribbean Carnival

Derby’s Caribbean Carnival is a colourful vibrant procession that has in excess of 500 Caribbean carnival troupes from the Midlands and nationally. The carnival is a flagship project that supports community cohesion and diversity in the City of Derby.

Many of the troupes spend over a year designing and making the costumes as well as raising funds for the project which can be around £2,000 – £3,000 as well as spending money out of their own pocket

Dancer at Derby's Caribbean Carnival
Dancer at Derby’s Caribbean Carnival

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As usual the British weather let them down by being somewhat overcast on the day, although some of the dancers were grateful for a cooler day in the recent hot spell that we have had.

The Caribbean carnival also has live performers from local, national and international artists/bands over the two-day event so if you missed it this year check it out for next year or get involved via their website Derby Caribbean Carnival


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