Lifespy (Gary Austin) is an award winning street photographer and a documentary photographer based in Derbyshire, East Midlands UK.

I am currently working on a long term documentary project on the village I live in and starts in 2016

I also have an interest in Global media, like blogging and Citizen Journalism and how the net is being opened up and restricted and the use of surveillance technology against the public.  

Gary Austin documentary photographer
Gary Austin (aka Life Spy)

So, you may be woundering why I am writing about my camera the ‘Canon PowerShot G9’ a little point and shoot model, when I normaly use big, heavy pro Digital SLR.

The G9 is quite a fun camera but versatile and gives good quality images. I was oringnaly thinking of buying a film rangefinder when Canon anounced the G9 which, I saw as a better alternative and a lot easier than film.

I am also a photojournalist and documentary photographer that has to lug a laptop (notebook) to be able to upload images form the field, but now with the compact size of the G9, I pack a PDA and the camera which makes an instant, compact SoJo (Solo Journalist) news kit wich all fits into a bum bag.

The G9 is not going to give the same quality as a DSLR, but with a bit of care works well as a pro’s backup, works as a discrete camera when situations are sensertive, allowes you to use it like a rangefinder for street photography and so on. The quality issues only start to show when viewed very large on a PC and is more than adiquate for local news gathering and Multimedia and I have produced gallery qualty images upto A3 (13″x16″).

If you a re a G9 or G7 owner/user, contact me if you want to add to this blog by clicking bellow


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