Derby Photo Walks for 2012

Derby (UK) Photo Walks

Assembly Rooms, Country, Derby, Derbyshire, East Midlands, TIFUK2903

Starting in March myself and my photo buddy Tim are holding a monthly Derby Photo Walk

Each monthly photo walk has a loose theme that you can interoperate, or you can just do your own thing and socialize. The purpose is to explore Derby and surrounding areas and seek out its visual interest as well as being a social thing. There is also informal advice and teaching available as well if desired. After we hang out at the Quad and look at any exhibitions that are on (as well as the Derby Museum) and relax while talking shop in the Coors bar with a beer or coffee.

Where possible we try to choose routes that are suitable for people who are physical impaired or disabled, but please contact us for precise details for each event

Photo Walks start at 2PM from the Quad and last about 2 hours (map)

We now have a Facebook page a Google+ Page as well as a Flickr Group


  • 3rd March- Reflection
  • 7th April- Faith
  • 5th May- Street
  • 2nd June – Light/Dark (Documentary)
  • 7th July – Detail
  • 4th August – (To be announced)
  • 1st September – Colour
  • 6th October – Architecture
  • 3rd November – Landscape
  • 1st December – Seasonal

Also check out my Photographer Resource Page here


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