Derby Photo Walks for 2013

Derby Photowalks 2013Photo walks for 2013 – Derby UK

Each monthly photo walk has a loose theme that you can interoperate, or you can just do your own thing and socialize.  The purpose is to explore Derby and surrounding areas and seek out its visual interest as well as being a social thing. There is also informal advice and teaching available as well if desired.

After we hang out at the Quad and look at any exhibitions that are on (as well as the Derby Museum) and relax while talking shop in the Coors bar with a beer or coffee.

All the listed Photowalks are free to attend and no registration is needed, just turn up on the day

Why Themed Photowalks?

Themes are a way of getting the photographer to see, as explained in this quote by Ernst Haas “There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” If we don’t see, then how can we photograph? How do we develop our style or our voice as photographers?

Derby is also a small city which you can walk across the centre in about 5 minutes, so the typical tour would be limited in scope and become repetitive.

Working with themes is unobtrusive to the photographers learning and is also enabling for photographers of all levels and experience and it is up to you to challenge yourself.


Where possible we try to choose routes that are suitable for people who are physical impaired or disabled, but please contact us for precise details for each event (if you require any more information you can contact me here )

Photo Walks start at 2.00 PM from the Quad  (map) and last about 2 hours and are held on the first Saturday of every month

2013 Dates and Themes:

  • 5th January – Consume
  • 2nd February – Weather
  • 2nd March – Industrial
  • 6th April – Transport/Roadscapes
  • 4th May – Mobile Photography (Photos of people using the phone or photographs made with a mobile)
  • 1st June – Vice (habits, smoking, drinking, nail biting etc)
  • 6th July – NO WALK as on holiday
  • 3rd August – Street Photography/Portrait
  • 7th September – Urban Landscape
  • 5th October – Architecture, Dereliction and Decay
  • 2nd November – Speed/Movement (you might want to bring a tripod)
  • 7th December – Sunset (you might want to bring a tripod)

 We have a Derby Photowalks Facebook page a Google+ Page as well as a Flickr Group

Also check out my Photographer Resource Page here


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