G9 Resources

OK, this page is just a usefull collection of articles G9 Users have found popular.

  • Setting up snap shooting on the G9 using Hyperfocal distance as well as other usefull custom settings
  • Tricks with the AF illuminator on the G9 It may be a bit odd to consider how the AF (auto-focus) illuminator can be used as a creative tool to change the emphasis in your images especially with portraits, candid’s and street photography.
  • Camera straps fro the G9 It might seem odd to be looking at something as basic as a strap, however it can make a world of difference to your photography.
  • Keeping the G9 Dry It may come as a surprise but the Canon G9 is not waterproof, in fact if you look down from the top and look at the diopter adjustment wheel you can see into the camera.
  • Reducing noise with ACR and Lightroom It’s been commented  on several reviews that the G9 is a little noisy due to having so many pixels on a small sensor, but its is not as bad as every one makes out.
  • G9 and Lens correction Well it would be hard to imagine a camera lens that is free from all optical flaws and cramming lenses into small cameras like the G9 means there is going to be some distortion, chromatic aberration and perspective etc.

From other sites

  • Canon G9 Vs Leica M8 Well there is a fun and fascinating non-tech article on Luminous Landscape of one user’s experience comparing the G9 ($500) with a Leica M8 ($5,495)
  • How to back up your personal computer A brilliant overview on how to back up your computers from BasePath essential reading for all photographers who don’t want to loose their photos!

For the Professional Photographer

A collection of useful information on ‘situations’ you may find yourself in, and not  Canon G9 related

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