An Interesting Turn For Hipstamatic – Photojournalism

Hpistamatic is expected to launch, later this year, a pack of digital lenses and films dedicated to photojournalists to raise funds for its newly created Hipstamatic Foundation for Photojournalism. Currently for colour or black and white photojournalism I am using 645 Pro app as it saves as tiff format, has a histogram, and is a better camera app for photographers;  but Hipstermatic’s new and free lens … Continue reading An Interesting Turn For Hipstamatic – Photojournalism

Big Brother Snitch Society?

My concern over this sort of thing is how many people are going to get abuse for taking pictures (press or other citizens) during any public disorder and possibly endangered for doing so. We now live in a world almost dominated by photography and the last thing we need is a paranoid public. The police already have CCTV in London, they have their own evidence gatherers and intelligence teams who … Continue reading Big Brother Snitch Society?

Street Photography in Nottingham with an iPhone

Street Photography with an iPhone

I was in Nottingham today lugging my camera and flash around with my friend Tim who was doing the same. For some reason we both ended up using an iPhone to do some street photography for about half an hour. It is very simple with the Hipstermatic app, as people just are not aware or perceive a mobile phone as a threat. I’ll post some up from my main camera later
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