Street Photography in Nottingham with an iPhone

Street Photography with an iPhone

I was in Nottingham today lugging my camera and flash around with my friend Tim who was doing the same. For some reason we both ended up using an iPhone to do some street photography for about half an hour. It is very simple with the Hipstermatic app, as people just are not aware or perceive a mobile phone as a threat. I’ll post some up from my main camera later
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Photographers under attack

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TAKE PHOTOS EVERY DAY. WHAT IF ONE OF THEM SEEMS ODD? Terrorists use surveillance to help plan attacks, taking photos and making notes about security measures like the location of CCTV cameras. If you see someone doing that, we need to know. Let experienced officers decide what action to take. The Metropolitan Police website Well that was the strap line on the … Continue reading Photographers under attack