An Interesting Turn For Hipstamatic – Photojournalism

Hpistamatic is expected to launch, later this year, a pack of digital lenses and films dedicated to photojournalists to raise funds for its newly created Hipstamatic Foundation for Photojournalism. Currently for colour or black and white photojournalism I am using 645 Pro app as it saves as tiff format, has a histogram, and is a better camera app for photographers;  but Hipstermatic’s new and free lens … Continue reading An Interesting Turn For Hipstamatic – Photojournalism

Media Win Dale Farm Battle

The police claimed they needed the footage from organisations like the BBC and BSkyB to pursue prosecutions. So they want to use media footage, which in turn then puts journalists at risk in future protests. Journalism is not about spying for the police or providing the evidence for them; they have their own teams for that. Further Journalists sometimes need to protect their source of … Continue reading Media Win Dale Farm Battle

Photographers under surveillance…again!

Two respected photographers have found themselves under surveillance while waiting to cover a protest in Brighton. Photojournalist Marc Vallée and another photographer were filmed by the police ‘Forward Intelligence Team’ (FIT) while waiting in their car for the protest to start. Media workers, but especially photographers have been claiming they are being targeted by the FIT team for some months now mainly during protest or … Continue reading Photographers under surveillance…again!

Police seize photographers film

An amateur photographer has told how police seized his film as he was out taking snaps in a Hull shopping centre. Steve Carroll, of Kent, was visiting relatives in Hull in December when he decided to do some “street photography” in the city’s Prospect Centre. Shoppers reported him to the police, who took his film because he seemed to be operating in “a covert manner”. … Continue reading Police seize photographers film