Derby's Caribbean Carnival

Derby’s Caribbean Carnival is a colourful vibrant procession that has in excess of 500 Caribbean carnival troupes from the Midlands and nationally. The carnival is a flagship project that supports community cohesion and diversity in the City of Derby. Many of the troupes spend over a year designing and making the costumes as well as raising funds for the project which can be around £2,000 … Continue reading Derby's Caribbean Carnival

London Calling – Protests Against the G8

Protest Photography I am heading off to London later today to photograph protests with four days of anti G8 protests and then going straight to Northern Ireland to photograph more anti G8 protests at Enniskillen where the actual G8 summit is being held. With the news that austerity may last till 2020 and with the anti capitalist group Stop the G8 starting protests on  Tuesday 11th June … Continue reading London Calling – Protests Against the G8

3D Press Badges

Wearing one of these press badges can either stop you from being shot or be the reason you were shot. Wearing them depends where in the world you work, who is fighting who or even if the protesters are media friendly or not. Tuff call some times! They say PRESS in English and Arabic in case you were wondering and in some countries its the … Continue reading 3D Press Badges

Billingham Hadley (small) For Fujifilm X-E1 System

I have a lot of camera bags that I have collected over the years, always looking for the “right one” and some others brought for “specific missions” to take the heavy and bulky DSLR’s and associated kit But since buying the Fujifiim X-E1 I have found them to be way too big so been on the hunt for a smaller bag. However I have often … Continue reading Billingham Hadley (small) For Fujifilm X-E1 System

Fujilm X-E1 and 18-55mm Lens – First Impressions

I got a call yesterday saying my Fujifilm X-E1 & XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS lens  had arrived and was waiting for me in my local camera shop, London Camera Exchange in Derby. 2 days early and for £1099.00 lens and body in black! Unfortunately after battling through the traffic and again returning in rush hour there was no light left at the end of the … Continue reading Fujilm X-E1 and 18-55mm Lens – First Impressions

Magnum Photographers to hold Street Photography Workshop in Derby

Magnum Photos is organising a “five-day intensive, practice-oriented workshop focusing specifically on the popular theme of street photography,” to coincide with the Format11 International Photography Festival in Derby, a biennial of contemporary photography.

Led by Magnum street photographers Bruce Gilden, Richard Kalvar and Chris Steele-Perkins, the workshop will see successful candidates get the opportunity to shoot, polish and publish their work under the guidance of these experienced practitioners, says Magnum.
The five-day workshop costs £700 +VAT. For more details and to register, visit the Magnum Photos website.
Continue reading “Magnum Photographers to hold Street Photography Workshop in Derby”