Jubilee Beacon at Little Eaton

The Beacon for the Queens Diamond Jubilee at Little Eaton was up near the A38 at Cuckoo’s Farm. The Pictures are All taken From St Peters Park which had been circulated to be the best place to see the beacon on the night. Shortly after 10:01 the flame was seen and the gathered crowd (some with chairs and picnics) were delighted and remained on the … Continue reading Jubilee Beacon at Little Eaton

Documenting History for the Future

This week there has been several issues that have caused some set backs: the Queens Head has closed, which for a pub is a concern as I have not had chance to photograph in there as yet. The other a lot more worrying and that is the issue of photographing children!

The Carnival at Little Eaton 2011 void of people and buildings
The Carnival at Little Eaton 2011 void of people and buildings

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About the Project

This blog is about my Documentary photography project a Typical English Village – Little Eaton, Derbyshire. I have been a documentary Photographer for 25 years and lived in the village nearly twenty years, but hadn’t thought of photographing my doorstep. I had always been too busy travelling around to notice what community activity there was in the village, it was rare to be home during … Continue reading About the Project