Police Raid Stop G8 Protesters

Listen to my latest phonecast from Beak St, London where Anti-Capitalists are being evicted from a building which is being used as a convergence centre for the #J11 protests against the G8 Summit in Ireland http://embed.ipadio.com/embed/v1/embed-352×200.swf?phlogId=14671&phonecastId=497193&channelInView=WEBSITE_USER_5065&callInView=local_20130611103534 Related articles StopG8 Statement on Protests and Police Violence 11 June Police defend ‘proportionate’ G8 protest response Police storm building occupied by anti-G8 protesters G8 summit protest: riot police … Continue reading Police Raid Stop G8 Protesters

London Calling – Protests Against the G8

Protest Photography I am heading off to London later today to photograph protests with four days of anti G8 protests and then going straight to Northern Ireland to photograph more anti G8 protests at Enniskillen where the actual G8 summit is being held. With the news that austerity may last till 2020 and with the anti capitalist group Stop the G8 starting protests on  Tuesday 11th June … Continue reading London Calling – Protests Against the G8


RISC is training and equipping freelance journalists in all media to treat life-threatening injuries on the battlefield. Freelancers comprise the vast majority of those who cover wars, and consequently make up the vast majority of deaths and injuries. Surviving a gunshot or shrapnel wound is often a matter of doing the right thing in the first few minutes, and our training focuses on that brief, critical period of … Continue reading PROMOTING THE SAFETY OF FREELANCE JOURNALISTS IN COMBAT ZONES.

About the Project

This blog is about my Documentary photography project a Typical English Village – Little Eaton, Derbyshire. I have been a documentary Photographer for 25 years and lived in the village nearly twenty years, but hadn’t thought of photographing my doorstep. I had always been too busy travelling around to notice what community activity there was in the village, it was rare to be home during … Continue reading About the Project