Canon G9 Vs Canon 5D

Well here is an interesting way of comparing camera performance, not by using or setting them up to be the same, but by using the best settings for the subject matter, surprisingly (or not) the image quality of the G9 stood up very well and all this without fine tuning the image in post processing which would correct some of the obvious lens flaws like barreling and fringing Continue reading Canon G9 Vs Canon 5D

First Look: Sigma DP1

Jack Howard over at has had his hands on the long awaited Sigma DP1 which many pro’s (and serious amateurs too) have been waiting for a review before committing to buying the Canon G9.

Now I like the idea of having a point and shoot with a (35 mm equivalent) 28mm lens but at f4; I don’t think I am fussed! I like to use my Canon G9 at its widest part a lot, but I also like the versatility to be able to add a bit of ZOOM, for when I just can’t get close enough….

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