Free, yes Free Photoshop!

Just launched today, free version of the Adobe Photoshop, well online version anyway. So now if you wondered what your Canon G9 images would look like processed in Photoshop you can find out. Continue reading Free, yes Free Photoshop!


Lens correction for the G9

Well it would be hard to imagine a camera lens that is free from all optical flaws and cramming lenses into small cameras like the G9 means there is going to be some distortion, chromatic aberration and perspective etc. If this really bothers you, or you want the best quality why not try a software correction such as PT Lens which supports the G9 which … Continue reading Lens correction for the G9

Reducing Noise with ACR (and Lightroom)

It’s been commented  on several reviews that the G9 is a little noisy due to having so many pixels on a small sensor (less and bigger is better for cutting noise) but its is not as bad as every one makes out, a lot of reviews seem to want the ultimate perfect camera and now! They are getting frustrated at the slow speed of technology … Continue reading Reducing Noise with ACR (and Lightroom)