Detroit: The Troubled City | Magnum In Motion

This is very interesting piece by Bruce Gilden more known for his street photography, well worth watching Detroit: The Troubled City Bruce Gilden As part of his work on the effects of foreclosures in America, Bruce Gilden recently traveled to Detroit, Michigan. What he found was a desolate landscape where the subprime mortgage crisis is the latest blow hitting the “troubled city” already on its … Continue reading Detroit: The Troubled City | Magnum In Motion

Keywording is Scary…Official

With the global decline is media due to advertising budgets being cut, it is no surprise that many photographers are finding that commissions are becoming harder to get. This has meant that freelancers have started to look more at the photography stock as a way of earning additional income to fill the gap. But selling stock is a bit of a mine field when you … Continue reading Keywording is Scary…Official

Documenting Urban Exploration

For quite a while now I have been wanting to do a project looking at how a industry has changed the landscape and the community. For example, In north Wales they had the slate quarrying which employed some 3,000 workers at one quarry, some workers lived in cold and damp barracks because the quarries were high in the hills and away from the established villages; … Continue reading Documenting Urban Exploration