Can you use the Canon G9 for a Fashion Shoot?

This is a very interesting video by Photoshop Retouching & Photography Tutorial Videos. However it does not surprise me that much as I used the G9 for some art nude, but just shows how versatile this little point and shoot is, as a backup for a photojournalist or as a stand alone camera. Continue reading Can you use the Canon G9 for a Fashion Shoot?


You Can’t Picture This, Oh yes you can!

Just found this, a film maker gets some grief on the streets of London from The video covers your rights to take photos in public (UK law) Also check out Photographers under attack and Tash’s (a fellow G9 user) post on how Birmingham police forced a press photographer to delete his images Continue reading You Can’t Picture This, Oh yes you can!

How to Publish Video from Your G9

Last week I covered a student demo on ‘Free Speech’ and decided to try the G9’s video in a very noisy environment. During the demo I was shooting stills with my Nikon DSLR, shooting the odd stills with the G9 but used it more for the alternative medium of video, which I shot on the 1024 size, even though it was going to be published to web so was probably overkill as the quality is greatly reduced when converted by video upload sites. The 3 1/2 minute video kicked out at 115MB

As a Windows user I decided to use Windows Movie Maker (which comes free with Vista and XP) and saved it to PC format. I was in a hurry and wanted something quick and easy as it was going to be uploaded to Google video or You Tube for web viewing so I was not going to get the quality anyway

Now with video there are two components the visual and the audio, unfortunately I had not tweaked the audio settings for the conditions so the wind filter was off (when it was very windy) and the sound levels were on auto (which might have been better on manual due to the high noise levels) but I turned up a little late. Being a small. light camera I also found it quite hard to keep it steady as well, not normally a problem I have with a handy cam, but I dare say I will get better.

I also have on my PC Adobe’s Premier Pro, Flash CS3 pro, Flash Video Encoder and Device Central (the later, formats the flash video for mobile devices) so I have plenty to play with in the future

for the Apple Mac and Windows users (check system requirements) who want more quality and versatility there is  QuickTime Pro which allows you to do similar editing and saving the format for iPod and other 3G files in the H.264 format which gives high quality at a low data rate

There is a short piece on The Digital Story on exporting to web using QuickTime Pro which sells for £20 in the UK, $30 in the USA so its not expensive 🙂


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The G9 as a Journalist Tool for the Pro’s

There is a brief piece on Multimedia Shooter about the Canon G9’s use for video and as a pro photographer’s back up for HD Video. Just what the journalist needs in today’s New Media.

There is also a Video piece by San Jose Mercury News with the Canon G9 as the video tool used by all the photographers All further testimony of just how good the G9 is as well as how lovable it is

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