How Getty Is Killing the Stock Photo Industry

PhotoShelter tell it how it is… When we created the PhotoShelter Collection, we aimed to change the face of the stock photography industry by fundamentally altering the dynamics of how photographers were treated, and in turn, providing visual diversity to buyers that simply didn’t exist. Tens of thousands of photographers from over 130 countries signed up and started uploading their images to PhotoShelter, and the … Continue reading How Getty Is Killing the Stock Photo Industry

I get "published"! (Sorta)

Ricky Montalvo from Blog001 has an interesting tale on how his picture taken on a Canon G9 gets published in the Montreal’s ‘The Observer’


It appears that a Montreal newspaper “The Observers” ran with an image I took with my new Canon G9 which they found on a Flickr group.  The photo was part of a group within Flickr, where users can submit pictures depicting their “feelings” on Flickr (which is a part of Yahoo!) merging with Microsoft.  So, I decided to submit the image you see above.  I got an email via Flickr mail from the people at the Observer asking for permission, which I gave and they followed the Creative Commons attributes I set. 

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Photographer finds Flickr pics sold on iStockphoto | Underexposed – CNET


Photographer finds Flickr pics sold on iStockphoto

Posted by Stephen Shankland

A Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir self-portrait

(Credit: Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir)

Update 4:15 p.m. PST: I added a comment from Guðleifsdóttir and corrected that the earlier incident involved selling eight individual photos.

An Icelandic photographer has for a second time encountered the ugly side of Internet photo sharing, finding photos she published at Yahoo’s Flickr site being sold by somebody else through the iStockphoto Web site.

Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, a professional photographer, found a picture she took of three frolicking horses on iStockphoto, a “microstock” site that licenses images for relatively low prices.

“I mean for crying out loud, out of 31 images this particular user has on his ‘portfolio,’ 25 of them are mine, and at least 3 are of me,” she said in the caption for a screenshot of the iStockphoto page.

iStockphoto, a division of Getty Images, removed the photo and the user, named “vulcanacar.”

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