The Bicycle Wheel

In a previous post I referred to the slope of the bath tub which was an analogy for proving your photographic gear. Of course the wise will do heavy testing at all ISO and lighting conditions to work out how the sensor records details in the shadows as well as the highlights. They will also test their lenses for sharpness, flaws and find the optimum … Continue reading The Bicycle Wheel

Flickr not so on side, with photographers rights, apparently…

According to Flickr’s user Shutterfever it appears that Flickr are not quite on the same side as photographers and have been deleting comments made over a video where a photographer has been harassed by a security guard for taking pictures in the street Continue reading Flickr not so on side, with photographers rights, apparently…

Solo Photo Book Month

Over on Musings on Photography they have started  a SoFoBoMo due to start on 1st April-ish 2008 which lasts for a 31 day month. The idea is you make a book (of photo’s) in a month as an intense mini project, it can be a Scribus PDF book, a printed book from a print house like Blurb or other formats of ‘book’.

What better way to get to know your G9 and all its functions, and you may even bump into other G9 users as well. Its also quite interesting to see how some photographers are gearing up for the month project as well.  For more information read bellow

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You Can’t Picture This, Oh yes you can!

Just found this, a film maker gets some grief on the streets of London from The video covers your rights to take photos in public (UK law) Also check out Photographers under attack and Tash’s (a fellow G9 user) post on how Birmingham police forced a press photographer to delete his images Continue reading You Can’t Picture This, Oh yes you can!

First Look: Sigma DP1

Jack Howard over at has had his hands on the long awaited Sigma DP1 which many pro’s (and serious amateurs too) have been waiting for a review before committing to buying the Canon G9.

Now I like the idea of having a point and shoot with a (35 mm equivalent) 28mm lens but at f4; I don’t think I am fussed! I like to use my Canon G9 at its widest part a lot, but I also like the versatility to be able to add a bit of ZOOM, for when I just can’t get close enough….

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The G9 as a Journalist Tool for the Pro’s

There is a brief piece on Multimedia Shooter about the Canon G9’s use for video and as a pro photographer’s back up for HD Video. Just what the journalist needs in today’s New Media.

There is also a Video piece by San Jose Mercury News with the Canon G9 as the video tool used by all the photographers All further testimony of just how good the G9 is as well as how lovable it is

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